Restaurants in Wales

For a quaint European country that is part of the United Kingdom, Wales can throw up a few delicious surprises when it comes to gastronomy. You will find littered across the country some amazing restaurants that provide the very best in epicurean delights. The best part is that there are a variety of choices, ranging from fine dining, to boutiques, to street food.

Fine Dining

Here are some of the best fine dining restaurants that Wales has to offer.

  1. The Walnut Tree, Monmouthshire

It says something about The Walnut Tree that it only has twenty tables, and you will be more than just lucky to find yourself at one. The fine dining restaurant spells exclusivity like probably no other restaurant in Wales. Among its many accomplishments is its appearance on Gordon Ramsay’s television show. The accomplished culinary place has also won many an accolade under the careful and creative guidance of Franco Taruschio.

What would especially interest food enthusiasts is that the menu changes every season.

  1. The Potted Pig, Cardiff

This is truly a local restaurant that offers European cuisine for its hungry guests. The dishes are reminiscent of the very best of English cooking with a surprising but delectable twist of American flavour and garnished with the very best of French cuisine. Apart from the food, the other attraction of the fine dine is that it is located in the bustling heart of Cardiff, right in the midst of the busy shopping strips. We definitely recommend the wild Welsh mullet with cockles and aged Abergavenny beef steaks.

Foodies Delight

Moving on from the fine dining section, we bring to you the best restaurants that serve food that will have you licking your fingers in no time.

  1. Sosban, Carmarthenshire

The restaurant’s name means saucepan, and it truly lives up to its title with a variety of Welsh dishes that will take the guests on a gastronomical tour of the country. The dishes are served with fresh produce sourced locally.

Sosban will tease and tempt you with its exclusively crafted menu that includes tantalising main dishes as well as sweet deserts. Do try the fresh Carmarthen sea bass and slow-cooked tagines made with local Gower lamb. For those with a sweet tooth, Sosban serves passion fruit sundaes and peartart tatin.

  1. Café Citta

Any list of the best restaurants in Wales would be incomplete without a mention of Café Citta. Here you will find a different style of cuisine, one that pays homage to the traditional cooking style of Italian homes. One of their star attractions is the open kitchen that lets you take a peek into their culinary secrets. This has drawn the attention of a die-hard following along with food critics.

One of their top draws is the pizza that is prepared in an oven fired by logs.

Lick Your Fingers Away

Wales offers foodies a variety in selection and cuisine. The restaurants produce some truly appetizing fare that will ignite your taste buds.