How to get here

Wales is tucked away in a quiet corner in the European continent, bordered by Great Britain on one side and the Irish Sea on the other. Getting there, however, represents an easy challenge with the country well connected by air, rail, road, and ferry. All you have to do is pack your bags and ready your passport. The rest is as easy as apple pie.

By Flight

If you are an international traveller, then Wales presents an excellent connectivity with a convenient airport located in Cardiff. There are over 900 connecting flights that pass through the capital and the largest city. You can also fly directly to the capital city with more than 50 routes touching down at the hub.

If you are flying from one of the major European cities such as Munich, Milan, Paris, Dublin, or Glasgow, you can catch a Flybe flight.

Another option for travellers and tourists is to fly to London. Heathrow Airport is not too far away from Wales, which can be reached within a few hours by road or rail.

By Road

For those who have a bit of time on their hands, a road trip to Wales comes highly recommended. As you drive on the flat highways, you will be serenaded with lush, green landscapes as well as pristine blue waters of the coast. There is perhaps no better way to get a close, intimate feel of the stunning views that Wales affords than to get on the road and get moving.

It is best to start the road trip into the country by flying to London and then driving down to Wales. The scenic drive will not take more than three hours to complete, and will provide a rich travel experience.

By Rail

The continent of Europe is blessed with an interconnected rail network that allows you to literally hop, skip, and jump from one beautiful country to another. You can add Wales to the list as well. The popular Eurostar network connects Wales to other destinations in mainland Europe, including Brussels, Paris, and Lille. This allows you to make Wales a part of your Euro trip or a standalone destination.

When you travel by rail, you need to keep in mind that from London St Pancras, different routes take you to different parts of the Wales. The south of the country can be reached via the London Paddington services, while the northern part can be accessed via London Euston.

By Sea

The beauty about Wales is that it is easily accessible via all modes of transport and that includes the sea as well. There are daily ferries that set off from Ireland. This option can considerably reduce your travel time if you are looking to get into the country at the earliest. Then you have luxury cruise liners that often dock at the Port of Holyhead on Anglesey. The massive ships arrive every week, starting from May until September. There are a variety of cruise liners that ply to the major ports in Wales.