Casinos in Wales

When thinking about gambling, Wales isn’t the first place that comes to most people’s minds; however, there are a few great places to go if you are looking for a place to play some table games or slots. Here you will find information about the biggest casinos in Wales, and what makes each one special.

Les Croupiers Casino

Les Croupiers Casino has been around for a very long time and has served as a full-service gambling center for a great many people. The casino offers a long list of amenities and features just about every casino game that you can think of.

One thing to keep in mind about Les Croupiers Casino is that it is only open in the afternoon and evening. with hours from 2 in the afternoon to about 6 in the morning. With those hours, it is easy to see who the target demographic is ‒ night owls and people serious about gambling make up the bulk of the patrons. The casino is laid out across two floors with poker on the top floor and the slot machines and Blackjack tables on the ground floor. This is a great casino which is laid-back and a lot of fun.

Grosvenor Casinos

When it comes to casinos in Wales, the Grosvenor Casino family is top-class. It has two mainland-based casinos in Wales ‒ one in Cardiff and another in Swansea. In addition to the brick and mortar casinos, the company also has online gaming in the form of slots and live table games.

The group’s Live Casino options include 3-Card Poker, Hold’em, Caribbean Stud Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette. There are a variety of table buy-in rates which means every type of player should be able to find a good option, and for each of the Live games, there is an actual table in play at the casino itself.

The casino offers sports betting and all of the latest slots. If you can think of an option that a casino should offer in terms of gambling, Grosvenor has it all.

Rainbow Casino Cardiff

Rainbow Casino Cardiff is another fantastic option when it comes to player experience. Rainbow serves a free Chinese buffet and are open twenty-four hours a day. Located right in the middle of downtown Cardiff, the casino serves as one of the primary gambling locations in the city. All of the classic table games are on offer as well as a good variety of slots. The table limits are varied depending on the game, but there are definitely tables to suit every level of player. If you find yourself in Cardiff for a weekend, this is one place that should not be missed.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a professional, land-based casino, the ones mentioned in this guide are surely going to provide you with everything that you need. Sometimes, after a long day of castle hikes or whitewater rafting, a little gaming is all you need to recharge your batteries. Casinos in Wales are sure to deliver a great gambling experience.