The best bars in Wales

There is an almost never-ending list of bars and pubs in Wales, and it can be almost impossible to make a choice based on name and location alone. We have put a list together to give you a rundown of the best bars in Wales along with a description of what makes them great.

The Cambrian Tap

The first bar on our list is the Cambrian Tap. This little pub is a very popular tap house that is easy on the wallet. The staff here crafts their own ale and offer a down-to-earth atmosphere that makes spending time there a lot of fun. They pride themselves in making beer and there is good reason for that: the beer they make is incredible. They offer a complete range of flavors and types, and it would take one a very long time to try them all. The Cambrian Tap might just be the best place in Wales for beer.

Ten Mill Lane

Another great little place is called Ten Mill Lane. This bar is a little on the pricey side, but what you get for that price is simply amazing. Ten Mill Lane makes some of the best cocktails in Wales. The theme of the bar is classy and, in many ways, jazz inspired. The owners of Ten Mill Lane want their customers to feel comfortable no matter who they are and where they come from. The atmosphere speaks to that desire as strangers quickly blend in with local crowds.

Y Mochyn Du

If you are looking for a great place to stop for a drink in Cardiff, Y Mochyn Du is perfect. The menu is fantastic and features home-cooked Welsh food that everyone can enjoy. Space is available to allow parties to rent out space for holidays and special occasions which makes this spot a great choice for big celebrations and birthday parties. Y Mochyn Du is well known for its long list of award-winning drinks, including ales, wines, spirits, and more.

Black Boy Inn

The Black Boy Inn is a wonderful place to stay and spend some quality time. Inside of the walled city of Caernarfon this quaint Inn is a reminder of times past. The rooms and food are incredible, and when the weather is cold Black Boy Inn is the perfect place to sit next to the fire and enjoy a meal with some drinks. There is also a beach area for when the weather is nice. No matter what time of year you decide to go to this Inn, you find it to be perfect in almost every way.

Wrapping Up

Whatever your style, you are sure to find a bar in Wales that suits you. There are bars for meeting people, bars for watching sports, some for sitting and having a laugh with friends, and still others for listening to music and dancing. The list is long, indeed, and there not necessarily a need to pick just one. Find a bar that suits your every mood and remember to relax!